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On October 20, 2007
A special soul was called to Heaven.

It was on this fateful day
That a beautiful life was taken away.

Through no fault of her own
A little girl has been left all alone.

Her mother’s last words were I love you…it’s going to be okay And the little girl knew that her mom’s life was slipping away.

Because of one man’s choice
This little girl will no longer hear her mother’s voice.

Her life has been changed forever
Because of one man’s fatal endeavor.

Today he will be sent away
That’s the price he has to pay.

So when all the tears have been shed
This little girl will come out ahead.

Because waiting for her is a very special place That is filled with God’s amazing grace.

With God’s guidance
We can put this behind us.

We will always remember and never forget How Kelli touched the lives of the people she met.

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