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In March, we had an event at the Crime Victim’s Oak Garden called “Justice Delayed, Justice Denied”, 10 a.m. to support survivor Cherry M. as she traveled to Hawaii to address a 33 year old case. A group marched outside the Attorney General’s office in Honolulu on the day, 33 years later that Dawn was killed.

In Hawaii, she was joined by of many supporters along with the family and friends of Dawn, who was killed by an identified suspect on March 14, thirty three years ago. Cherry says: “she saved my life”; I would have been killed too.” They were only 13. Justice delayed, justice denied was the motto for this trip.

At the time in which she traveled to Hawaii the case was sitting at the Attorney General’s Office in Honolulu awaiting a decision.

Our director Connie Saindon had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii with Cherry and to support the march.
She has some images that she would like to share with the friends of Survivors of Violent Loss.

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