Restorative Retelling (R.R.) is an evidence-based model developed by Edward K. Rynearson, MD more than 20 years ago. Founder of Survivors of Violent Loss Program, Connie Saindon, MFT sought training from Dr. Rynearson and launched the RR Model in San Diego in 1998. It is a proven model that people are talking about how much they have been helped. It brings people together to share their stories in a safe environment.
Don’t let years go by trying to face this alone. Pre-screening provided to assess level of care needed and prior to group placement.

“We are here to help you after a traumatic Loss”
Tammy Carter
Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
(619) 387-8547 or (619) 8=685-0005
We help survivors through appropriate levels of care:
Individual, Couples, Families and Group Therapy
Restorative Retelling Services &
Criminal Death Support Services

Fee: Insurance or other resources

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