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Two new resources for you.


Homicide Co-Victim Research Brief

While many questions and comments remain on how to help co-victims of murder, this is an important first step.  Some of the information in this brief are:

  • How many co-victims are there? What are the psychological, physical, economic, social harms that co-victims experience?
  • What services are available, and do they help victims heal?
  • What do we know about Grief Support Group the most widely available intervention for co-victims?
  • Justice system processes are complex and run the risk of secondary victimization.
  • What to do next to strengthen resources and interventions to assist this population.

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Let them know what you think of their Co-victims of Homicide Brief. You will find contact information on the link above.


Book:  From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam by Joyce A. Lefler

You won’t believe this happened!  This was my reaction when I read From Miracle to Murder: Justice for Adam written by his mother, Joyce A. Lefler.  How did her babysitter, the coroner, child protective services, her ex-husband, the investigating officers, the district attorney, state psychologists all get it wrong?  How did she get accused of murdering her own son and lose care of her daughter?  Why did she have to wait 20 years to get justice for her son and loose the cloud of suspicion over her?

Joyce tells her own story in this book.  The attention to details, the careful and balanced writing influences the believability of this mothers’ journey into hell and back and hell and back. She backs up her story with the research she has done using information from police reports, news bureaus, depositions, grand jury transcripts, psychologists’ evaluations and trial transcripts.

She refrains from the emotional tirade you could expect of someone who was betrayed by so many.  She helps us stay with her and really hear her story.

I am truly amazed at her strength and perseverance.  She maintains the hope of figuring this all out, and just never gives up.  This is evident to this day with more she plans to achieve.  She hopes to have her daughter back in her life full time.

Not only must this mother be heard but all those agencies involved as well as friends, spiritual leaders and more should read this book and use the many lessons from this source to reduce the damage done to family members due to negligence and ignorance. I take to heart the many lessons as well for me to use in my work in this field.  I hope this will lead to other families writing their stories.  In order to really help these families, we must listen to them, to hear the world that they live in this life sentence.

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Connie Saindon, MFT

Founder Survivors of Violent Loss

Violent Death Bereavement Specialist

Survivors of Violent Loss exists to build a lifeline of hope and healing by providing support and education to those who live and work with violent death. Coping isn't easy. Survivors of Violent Loss can help. (619) 685-0005