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Now available: Survivors of Violent Loss 10th Anniversary Book by Connie Saindon is a photolog history of the Survivors of Violent Loss Program and online website. The photos chronicle the community of care that enabled this program to continue and serve those who live with violent loss It is a thank you to all who contributed. This edition includes moments from the Tenth Year Anniversary Dinner.

Get yours in time for Crime Victims Week, which is begins April 7, 2008. You can purchase the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Survivors of Violent Loss Network from the Blurb website: here.

If you have problems ordering, contact SVL by email at or  by phone at  (619)685-0005.


We came across this poem called the “Survivor Psalm” and in light of Crime Victim’s Week, coming up in April, we wanted to share it with you.

You can find an audio reading of it here:

Survivors of Violent Loss exists to build a lifeline of hope and healing by providing support and education to those who live and work with violent death. Coping isn't easy. Survivors of Violent Loss can help. (619) 685-0005