Violent Loss Resources 

A partial list of  Community Resources for San Diego County Violent Loss Community

Violent Death Grief and Trauma  Clinical Services call   Phone: 619-685-0005.   Email:     Website:

 Training and support available for various levels: peer, agency, professional.  Contact Founder Connie Saindon at

Connie Saindon, MA, MFT, Survivor, Founder and Clinical Director of the Survivors of Violent Loss Program.  Connie has conducted research in treatment interventions, provided training on the grief and Trauma after Violent Loss. She is the  author of two books for survivors and those who work with them. Murder Survivors Handbook: real-stories, tips and resources received the Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for best in self help, 2014  and  The Journey: Learning to live with violent death  survivors and support group facilitators based on evidence based research Restorative Retelling.   Her work has extended to both National and Global arenas .   Connie began her specialization in violent death grief and trauma  in 1995.   Contact her at 619-685-0005 or

Kerry Barth, MFT, PsyD,  La Mesa. Served both assistant clinical director as well as program manager at the Survivors of Violent Loss Program for over four years.  Has conducted research on couples resiliency after losing a child to a violent death.

Erin Falvey, MFT, Ph.D., Mission Hills. Provides clinical services, consultation and training.  Served as clinician, training and program manager for the Survivors of Violent Loss for over four years. Contact her at (619) 261-4221 or
SELF-Help Workbook: The Journey

OTHER Community Resources are:

Hotline:  Call: 211

VACC     Victim Assistance Coordinating Council  service providers who meet every other month and are vitally involved in various aspects of crime victim assistance. The website is designed to provide information, options and resources available to victims and survivors of crime.

UCSD HEAL         Heal Emotions after Loss.   no cost for Individual talk therapy and/or medication. Contact Ilanit Young, PhD for more information at 858-552-7598

DROP-IN Peer Support Groups and additional resources:

The Compassion Project:   Rene Colon                         

Crime Victims Fund:   Patti Colston                               

Community Advocates  Contact Dayna Herroz

ACE:   Celeste Hunter                                                          

Survivors of Suicide:  Bonnie Bear