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This workbook includes a one-hour Calming Exercises CD.

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“The recently published, ‘The Journey – An Individual Workbook Kit’ is a wonderful and worthwhile addition to the field of Violent Death Material. The current amount of material in this field is quite sparse and ‘The Journey’ will prove to be valuable for both professionals working with this population and for the co-victim as well. ‘The Journey’ is unique in that the material can be used both in groups and individually and therefore will serve a multitude of purposes heretofore not available.”

Deborah Spungen

“Connie Saindon has brought the theoretical into the practical with this user-friendly workbook for family and friends of those who have died traumatically. In addition, therapists and support group leaders will find many helpful tools here. Experiencing this workbook will help people move through their grieving journey with authenticity and eventually find themselves more resilient.”

Janice Harris Lord

“The Journey Workbook is a much needed and useful aid for adult survivors of violent death. Thoughtfully written, it respects the individual grieving process that each person goes through after having a loved one violently killed and offers specific tools to help calm the mind and body.

Alison Salloum, Ph.D

The Journey can be ordered by contacting us or sending your payment and contact information to:

Survivors of Violent Loss Program

2333 First Ave, Suite 204

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Phone: 619-685-0005


Survivors of Violent Loss exists to build a lifeline of hope and healing by providing support and education to those who live and work with violent death. Coping isn't easy. Survivors of Violent Loss can help. (619) 685-0005