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New Series entries:  Parallel Justice by Susan Herman, Poem-I will cry again…, How to Survive a School Shooting

Murder Survivors Handbook has been well received across the country and won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Best in Self Help by Independent Book Publishers. A great deal of reading, interviewing, collecting stories and viewing took place to gather information for this book. My premise was that none of us knows it all.  While it would be impossible to capture everything for such a resource book, I was content to give enough variance and links, so each reader would feel less alone and have more information for their new and treacherous journey.

I plan to introduce one of these sources each month.  I will select them in no order but as they come to me.  Each resource is of equal importance as is each homicide. The second in this series is Parallel Justice by Susan Herman which was inspired by her over 30 years criminal justice experience including as executive director of the National Center for Victims of Crime.

You will hear my comments and poem that provides suggestions as does Herman’s book about what each of us can do as it relates to violent death.    To read more follow the link below:

Also, I have just received this guide from colleague and friend Vilma Torres, staff director at the Family Justice Center, Bronx, New York. Click on this link: 

Surviving School Shooting Trauma by Claire Lampen in Teen Vogue

Connie Saindon, MFT, Founder