SVLP  Services

The Survivors of Violent Loss Program’s (SVLP) is a  nonprofit service.   Its Mission is to provide a lifeline of hope and healing by building a community of support for those whose lives have been shattered by the violent loss of a loved one. Our staff is made up of  clinicians and peer advocates that have  trained in the specialized needs and services for survivors of a Violent Death .  SVLP offers a variety of services to fit the needs of our survivors. The following is a brief outline of the services we offer through our program:

Individual , Family  and Couples Counseling by appointment.

10 Week Restorative Retelling Group:  This structured 10 week support group is led by members of our clinical team and is a closed group. We usually hold this group 3 times a year. Research on ten years worth of pre-group and post-group assessments found that participants who have gone through this group have decreased symptoms.

Referrals to Free  Drop In Peer-Support Groups:  These groups are held once a month throughout San Diego County. They are free, less structured, and open to the community.

Community Support Activities: Every year our program sponsors the following events: The Holiday Memorial in December; The River of Remembrance in September during the National Remembrance of Murder Victims in . We also a  Co-Sponsor the Candlelight Tribute  during Crime Victims week in the Spring with Victims Assistance Coordinating Council and the Crime Victims Light the Night Against Crime with Crime Stoppers.

The Journey Workbook, Ten Steps to Living with Violent Death: This workbook developed by the program founder and , Connie Saindon, and is based on our 10 week Restorative Retelling group model. It includes CD with ten calming exercises.    It has been used as a facilitators guide and a self help tool for

National Website: Provides clients with many resources and links.

Training and Consultation Services: In addition to services for clients, SVLP also offer services for organizations, professionals and  advocates who would like additional training in our model. We offer: Trainings, Workshops, speaking engagements  locally and nationally.

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