We have heard from many of you during this time of heightened news pertaining to both Chelsea King and  Amber Dubois that you too have been “triggered” with reliving memories and emotions  of your own loss(es) or that of someone you know as well. 

Not only do I also re-live the loss of my sister who was 17 when she was murdered, but I am also “triggered” by so many of you who’s stories I know and  worked with at the Survivors of Violent Loss Program.  My sister “Tiny” was walking alone one December morning.   Both of these girls were walking/running  alone- in daylight too. Tiny did her usual ten minute walk  to catch her ride  beauty school in Portland, Maine.  

We would like to hear from you on “triggers” you have had.  This will help you hear from others and know  you are not alone. Having “triggers” ( memories, emotions) is normal and may occur when both clear and unknown reminders occur like learning of the deaths of these young girls. 

Let us hear from you…

Connie Saindon

Clinical Director of Survivors of Violent Loss Program and online network